Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cut Me Back, I'll Grow Again

By Carolina Sagebin Allen, Founder of Big Ocean Women

Cut Me Back, I'll Grow Again

My son once told me, "Mom ... you are like grass."
"Hmm?" I asked him casually.
He replied thoughtfully, "Well, I read in a book that after a forest fire, when everything's been burned to a crisp, grass is the first thing to grow back."

I stopped what I was doing and really looked at him.

"Ya." he said, "It uses all of the nutrients left from the ashes. It uses them up and grows right back again, bright and green. It feeds the rest of the forest animals and slowly life comes back to the forest."

I can picture the day he spoke these powerful words to me, with his sincere eyes and thoughtful demeanor. I remember being in the kitchen drying dishes. I had had a challenging few days and had cried myself to sleep the night before. My son lifted me up that day. It was a gift from God. I will never forget the day I was paid the most honorable compliment of my life.

In moments of despair and deep sorrow, when I feel the burden weigh heavy on my back, I first get on my knees in prayer to God Almighty, and then think of my son and his healing words. 

I imagine the tiny stirrings of of an infinitesimal green shoot making it's way up through the ashes ever so quietly. I am like the green grass. Cut me back, and I'll grow again. Burn me down, and I'll use the leftovers and grow back greener and stronger.

This is Faith. Faith is hope and consistent resilience. 

We all get burned down from time to time, but we must sprout back up! The heat of the fire will unlock our powerful qualities and our faith will continue pushing up from the rich soil of tribulation. We can choose this. We can choose to heal, we can choose life.

To my countless friends spanning across the big ocean. All of us mothers, and life-affirming sisters out there, keep using the rich soil of tribulation to your endless advantage! All people at some point or another get burned and cut down. It is the inevitable course of things. However, it is in the beautiful struggle that we must continue to grow back again and again. Ever so brighter, greener, and lively. Always with the intent to share, give, nourish, and contribute to more life. 

These are the great moments of triumph, with no onlookers to perceive our victories save the grand view from the heaven above. It is what we do. This is our greatest legacy. We transform death and despair into rich life again. One women's life-affirming choice can revive a barren wasteland. A choice we make for the children who cling to our skirts calling us "mom", "aunty", or "grandmother".  You, our collective children, are our hope and our glory. Our greatest power lies within you, our seeds.


  1. Women truly are resilient. Thank you for your sweet insight that reminds us of this beautiful inherent trait we possess!